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Keloids: Symptoms and Treatment

Keloids are benign fibrous skin tumors. They are most mutual in individuals with blacker skin (e.g., individuals from Southern India or West Africa) and individuals generally develop them among the ages of ten and thirty. Both male and female are equally likely to have keloids.

Symptoms and Complications:

Keloids Symptoms are generally raised, firm, smooth and shiny. They are frequently red or pink, or much blacker or brighter in color than the surrounding skin. Keloids continuously spread beyond the limits of the actual injury, occasionally by numerous centimeters. The shape, color, and size of the scars might alteration with period. They are usually not hurting, though they are frequently itchy.
Keloids are more likely to grow on the back, arms, lower legs, ears, neck and mid-chest. They might shape as an injury heals, or they might take numerous months or even years to grow. Rarely, they will remain to produce indefinitely.
There are usually insufficient problems from keloid scars. Depending on their arrival and place, they can cause certain psychological distress, as keloids might be quite prominent. Keloids might also interfere with activity, particularly if they are on a joint. quite rarely, keloids can convert cancerous.
Keloids are dissimilar from hypertrophic (abnormally thickened) scars in that they spread beyond the edges of the place of wound and can happen without any inciting wound. Hypertrophic scars are more mutual than keloids and numerous individuals who consider that they have keloids actually only has a tendency towards hypertrophic scarring. Your doctor might assistance makes this distinction.

Making the Diagnosis:

Keloids can be diagnosed by your skin specialist or dermatologist. Diagnosis is based on the place and arrival of the scar, and how it progresses over time. Your surgeon may do a physical exam and look at your medical and personal history to rule out any other possible conditions or diseases.
Treatment and prevention of Keloids

Prevention and Treatment:

Presently, there is no completely useful technique for keloids Treatment or to avoid their creation. Traditionally, surgical elimination of the scars was suggested. However, forty five to hundred % of individuals will have a reappearance of the scar if surgery is not combined with other recovery options (e.g., radiation, pressure dressings). Also, the new scar might really be bigger and more prominent than the actual scar.
A mainstay for equally prevention and treatment is the steroids injection such as triamcinolone straight into the scar. Steroids assistance avoids inflammation and promotes the breakdown of collagen. These assistances to make scars less elevated and to reduction pain and tenderness linked with the scar.
Laser therapy is currently used to treat numerous kinds of skin issues, including keloids. It is frequently combined with injections of steroid to give the best cosmetic outcome.
Silicone gel dressings are a famous alternative to steroid injections, although there is just limited indication suggesting the dressings are effective in avoiding irregular scarring in individuals who are at high danger of rising keloids.

Natural Treatment options for Keloids:

There are number of Keloids Natural Treatment options are accessible in market which are very effective and useful for treating keloids naturally. Some of them are: Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera, etc.

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